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Services Offered By Rev. Rae Moonwind- Please contact Rae to make an appointment.
*Readings, Life Coaching, Past life Regression, and energy work can be done long distance, via telephone or video call.
*Reiki initiations are done in person. 
*Gift certificates are availble.
*All major credit cards are accepted. 

*Pricing for Services: $35 for 15 minutes
                                       $65 for 30 minutes
                                       $100 for 60 minutes
The first session for Past Life Regression Therapy is $120. This session usually takes about 2 hours. After the first session, the hourly rate applies.
Reiki Initiation
1st Degree $100
2nd Degree $100
Master Level $200 

                                Life Coaching and Past Life Regression Therapy

During life coaching sessions I use techniques, including past life regression, to help you release subconscious behavior patterns. When old habits and patterns are released from their point of origin, the client is able to complete the healing process. This is very helpful for those who feel they are ready to move forward with their lives, but aren't sure how to, or even what that means because they are feeling stuck. It is also useful for those who are wishing to stop repeating old habits and patterns in relationships, diet, work situations, and additions. These techniques are also often beneficial in helping people with health issues, allergies, insomnia, and emotional trauma.  


This work is intended to complement - not substitute -  your total healing program. This work is an important addition to both holistic and traditional medical treatment programs.  Please use this information in conjunction with the advice of your physician or healthcare practitioner. 


Please contact me for further information on Life Coaching services. 

Book one of Rae's workshops for your next gathering, event, or club meeting.

The Angelic Hierarchy

The Violet Fire

The Pink Flame of Love

Coping Skills for Ascension

Manifesting Prosperity and Abundance

Arch Angel Michael

The Green Ray of Healing

Indigo,  Crystal, and Starseed Babies

Getting to Know Your  Chakras (This is the animal totems meditation workshop)

Past Life Regression


Rae is also an advocate for women and children who have experienced domestic violence. She has spoken about the many aspects of domestic violence, including risk factors, how it impacts children, and how to heal from abuse. 


(Pricing to be discussed at the time of booking.)


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