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Two very important life lessons have come to a head for me at the same time. My guides have suggested I just sit with it and see what happens. Ok.

Lesson #1 is speak my truth. Speak up. Say exactly what I am thinking and feeling. Express it clearly and respectfully. If I want to be a person who only interacts with people who are in alignment, who stand in their integrity, and who communicate effectively with me, I have to do that too.

Lesson #2 is when people are on a different vibrational frequency than you are, they can't hear you. This is not an argument, a difference of opinion, or someone flat out being dick. Although they might be, being a dick in that moment too. It is often because the two of you do not have the same set of communication and/or conflict resolution skills, and therefore no common ground to be able to talk it out. When someone cannot understand what you have to say, it is a waste of time and energy to try to make yourself heard. Silence is golden.

I am in a position to need to stand in my truth and speak up. It is the right thing to do. It would be in alignment with my integrity for me to do this for me. I know this person will have no clue what I am saying. I understand the value of planting a seed. I also understand the value of not hurting people unnecessarily when it probably won't make a difference in the long run.


My clients often hear me speak of the inner toddler. When it runs for an electrical outlet with a butter knife, catch and distract. The key is identifying and catching when our thoughts and emotions are running away, out of control, like a toddler with a butter knife. Then you redirect your thoughts, just as you would redirect a toddler.

Today I am getting the jump on my inner toddler. I am not waiting to identify and catch. I am going to distract up front. We are going to have a fun day filled with pleasant experiences that have been planned ahead of time.

Yes. This is the equivalent of taking my toddler to the playground and running her until she is too tired to be a pain in the butt.

September 27, 2013


Chihauhaus, Cute Children, Hidden Tentacles, and Boundaries


Sometimes women won't cut ties with unhealthy people because the unhealthy person in question is "such a nice person" and she "Doesn't want to hurt his/her feelings." You know how in horror movies it always the adorable little child or sweet little Chihuahua that suddenly splits open, sprouting eight arms and spearing through the guts with them? Manipulative behavior is manipulative behavior even when its sugar coated. Do what you need to do to maintain your own healthy energy. I have had to work all the way through this one myself recently. Lesson learned. No more feeling bad about keeping a healthy distance from sweet little Chihuahua children with hidden tentacles.



A Demonstration of Personal Power

July 27, 2013 at 7:57pm




This is a rant on how much personal power we have to change our circumstances and our futures if we will simply use it.

A week before the car accident I was having intense anxiety and fear of accidents. I kept seeing the car skidding, slamming to a halt, and rolling back to my side. In the process, Paige hit her head on the window behind me and it killed her. I kept feeling like I was going to die. I called my magnificent Life Coach, Susan Davis, and we did a session to release my irrational fear. I felt so much better. After ward, I made loud, clear, statements to all of my guides and the Universe that it is my intent to be alive, well, healthy, and to raise my children into adulthood myself. I affirmed that Paige and Jake are safe at all times, in all circumstances, around all people and especially when traveling. I affirmed that each of us is always surrounded by angels when we are in a car, whether it is my car or someone else’s. I affirmed that we each always return home safely from our adventures. Then I forgot about it.

When I saw the F10 pickup pull out in front of me, I made an attempt to avoid being hit. I watched the truck excelerate directly into the Focus, then watched as the Focus came directly at me. I felt the impact. I felt the door come into my shoulder, arm, and leg. It was so hard. Actually that was my only thought on impact, “Wow. That was really hard.” When the car slowed  down, it rolled up on the passenger’s side. I looked over and saw Jake. He was ok. I couldn’t see Paige, so I screamed her name, then turned to look for her. She was still in process of being thrown into the passenger side from where she had been right behind me. The car was still moving and it started to roll further onto its side. For a moment, I didn’t see Paige, I saw Courtney, my friend Jim’s daughter who was killed a few short years ago when the car she was in rolled in an accident. I blinked. When I looked again, Paige’s eyes were open and she was alive. I panicked because I thought we were going to roll on over and Paige was obviously not restrained. Then the car snapped back toward the driver’s side. I am not sure if I screamed or not, but I knew that was the moment Paige was going to be killed, when she hit the back, driver’s side window.  That didn’t happen. Because she was on the passenger’s side now, when the car settled, she was too far from the driver’s side to hit the window.

Paige always, always wears her seatbelt. As the Focus was approaching us, she reached down to check her seatbelt and it released pretty much on impact. She hit her head on the window at the moment of impact, then was thrown across the car and away from the car attempting to enter ours. I have no doubt that Courtney released that seat belt, then held Paige as she moved her to the other side.  I had done a reading for Courtney a few weeks before she died. It came up in her reading that she would be doing the work I do, working with the angels. I had no idea at the time she would be doing it from the other side as an angel. Thank you Courtney.

Jake clearly saw his guides in the moment. They spoke to him and gave him direction. They told him they would protect him because he is a master. He is important and must live. He scolded them for not also taking better care of Paige and me.  I appreciate the thought, but there were others taking care of us. It was ok.

All I knew in the moment was that I must not move. I needed to hold still. Knowing that the kids were alive, I allowed  myself to cry out my anger as the fire fighters cut my car in half around me so that they could lift me out on a back board. I was ticked, terrified, and not terribly coherent. In spite of that, I didn’t miss the fact that the firefighters were having a ball! Little boys with chain saws were getting to cut up a car and they were loving it! I had to take a moment to appreciate that and to enjoy their enthusiasm.

A week later, I still wasn’t out of the woods as I dealt with internal injuries. As the dust settled I learned details of the accident and aftermath that I couldn’t have known before because I was incoherent. The  ER doctor was not thorough in his exam of any of us. He had looked in Paige’s eyes and sent her home without asking if she had lost consciousness or without understanding that she had just been thrown across a car. Still, further tests and doctor visits showed she was recovering and there was no apparent brain damage for her. My internal organs are bruised, but intact. We are fine.

A friend sent me a message today. She received the message in meditation that this accident was an exit point for me. We all have several potential exit points, or times of death. Some of them we obviously pass up and keeping going. This was one of mine. It was a sobering thought. My “irrational” fear of accidents and death the week before was not random or irrational. It was a premonition. Paige and I were slated to die on July 15, 2013. I decided not go. By going through the steps to release my fear, then making it clear to the Universe that I wasn’t going to leave, nor was I allowing Paige to go, the outcome of the scenario was changed.

This is an overwhelming lesson for me. I preach all the time to my clients about how powerful we all are. We are children of God, Goddess, Creator Source. We have a Divine birthright. So start using it. Start making some demands. Doesn’t that sound inspiring? But sitting here, in this moment, holding the profound truth of those words in my heart as I realize that I changed the outcome with my prayers, affirmations, and intent… it is overwhelming.

Other note worthy points: I have been using the Arch Angel Michael prayer “Cut me loose and set me free from all that hinders the God plan for me!” Well, I got my wish. Those fire fighters not only cut me loose and set me free, they cut me loose and set me free with joy!

An angel friend, Jenica, pointed out that I was hit with Focus. Ok, so it was a Ford Focus. Not the point. I still got the message. It is time for me to Focus. I have been cut loose and set free from things in my life that were limiting me. Its time to Focus on the now and start laying the ground work for what is to come. 

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Jersey Heatherposted toRae Moonwind

15 hours ago near The Villages, FL 

so about this ask and it is given exactly does that work? ive been positive, ive meditated, ive journaled, ive vision boarded, only concentrated on the positive and then boom here comes exactly the opposite...just curious if im doing something wrong or like my mom says "god always hears your prayers sometimes he just says no" - ok rant over  

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    Rae Moonwind Ok. Heather. I'm ready. I haven't been ignoring you, I have been contemplating the question. Thank you for the opportunity for some heavy duty self reflection! This has not only been an ongoing lesson for me, it is THE lesson my guides are all up in my corn flakes about this week. I've worked The Secret for years and have gotten almost every single thing I have ever put on a manifestation board. There are just a couple of things in my life that I sound exactly like your above paragraph over. However, they are the things I want the most, feel the emptiness of, long for, and never seem to get any closer to. Its frustrating and disappointing. I manifested the perfect house, the right car, fabulous friends, healthy kids… why should any other thing be any harder? This week the angels have been playing games with me. It is all so gentle and loving and kind. But it IS play. I am filled with wonder. I think something and it happens within a couple of hours. I really wanted to hear Aaron’s voice. I sent him a text and said hi. Much to my surprise, he called me immediately. In a day and age where people text, they don’t call, I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that. Last night on the way to prom, I was feeling all dark and angsty. I wanted some angsty music. I wanted The Black Crowes. There is no cell reception that far out in BFE. After prom, I hop in the car, exhausted and longing for my bed. I click on the radio and am immediately bathed in one of my favorite Black Crowes tunes. I sat in the parking lot for a long time and just blinked. I could hear the soft laughter of my angels. “All you had to do was think it and its yours, “ they said. All the way home, that was my only thought. Ok then. So I’m making this too hard. Its as simple as, “What if…” then let it go. I guess the big guys need some room to work. And I guess I need to not be obsessed with something to the point of controlling the energy of it to where there is no flow. Over time, I have also come to the conclusion that there are a set of life lessons I contracted for. Don’t like some of them. Not enjoying them at all. Want to be all done now, please. But for some reason, I asked for this, I’m going to get the full experience, and there are no short cuts. If what I am manifesting is in contradiction to working through a lesson I asked for before I was born, chances are the results of that manifesting are going to be slow in coming. Next lesson: Timing is everything. How many things have I looked back on in my life and realized that it was a chain of events? One event building on the next and it all worked out perfectly, in spite of the fact that I would have preferred to get to the end result first. Those angels DO have things under control and things usually turn out better when I go along for the ride than when I try to jump to the last step first. So, I don’t know if this is an answer to your question or not. But the conclusions I am coming to personally are: 1) Respect that things happen in perfect timing 2) God/Goddess/The Universe knows what is better for me than I do so there might be a reason I’m not getting what I want right now 3) make a wish and then let it go, get out of the way so that the energy can flow and the angels can work 4) quit making manifesting hard. It’s a game. Play it. Enjoy it. Celebrate it. 5) I truly deserve to have my heart’s desires. Therefore, I will. I do. My angels told me recently that my lack of faith is hard to work with. In my defense, overwhelming and repeated disappointments were making it kind of hard to believe that the good things I was trying to manifest could actually happen. So I backed up and did clearing and release work. I asked them to remove all blockages and obstacles, on all levels, in all directions of time and to heal anything unhealed that would prevent me from successfully manifesting the things I want. It’s a great place to start. Might as well tackle those life lessons we contracted for head on and get them out of the way so we can get on to the good stuff.

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Signs that there may be pagan/metaphysical/Indigo/Crystal- Light children in your house:

July 16, 2012 at 9:01pm



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Signs that there may be pagan/metaphysical/Indigo/Crystal- Light children in your house:


- When you have to ground them for bringing gargoyles in the house without permission. - When all they want for Yule is a new cloak. - When they ask you what planet your other kids are from because they can't identify the vibration. - When they ask why there are cars parked at a Christian church on a Sunday evening when those people should be outside enjoying the day.-When you have to ground them for calling down Spirits they shouldn't be calling down. - When you have to argue with them about wearing a sarong to school and have to explain why it would be against dress code. - When they come home perplexed over the behavior of peers at school concerning nudity. (Not all kids have seen people naked. Who knew?)- When they ask you why they are being asked at school if they are Jewish. Its a pentacle. - When their friends assume their parents are massage therapists because they have a massage table and they touch people. - When they refer to their animals as familiars. - When they start conversations with strangers with "So, what's your totem?"-When they misbehave, and the parent is talking about to them about the problem behavior and they say, "Maybe you should go smudge before we continue this conversation. You are upset, so you probably have a negative entity stuck on you." Let's face it. It couldn't be that they are misbehaving. - When they point to and talk to the 'shiny' people around the conservative, extended family. - When you are scolding them for their grades and they say , "Then help me manifest better ones." - When they come home from school and ask for a binding spell because the science teacher is a bwitch. - When they bring home other Children of Light that they know aren't having the Light vibration held for them in their own homes, so they share their own homes and Light. -When they parent their parents because they are obviously older and have more lifetimes of experience. -Worse yet, when they have full recall of parenting their parents in past lives. -When their ability to love, to understand, and hold compassion in their hearts surpasses those abilities in the adults around them, making it possible for everyone in their presence to love and to heal.

Copyright 2012 © Rae Moonwind Reynolds. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice

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