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I have had the pleasure of working alongside Rae as a reader and found the experience to be filled with many fond memories and experiences. She was much in demand as a reader for her caring, joyful and enlightened approach to sharing mystical information and heartfelt suggestions to change the course in someone's life for the better. As any reader knows, we are the most difficult to read for and I personally found Rae's information to be excellent and right on target with large doses of compassion to go with it. And of course, the room was always magically filled with angelic, elemental fairy and Native American tribal energies. A gifted reader indeed! ~ Susan Z. Rich

I went into Rae's reading, not knowing what she would get. I had been channeling somthing and she identified the channel, the Elementals and talked to the actual group. she told me of a single Elemental that would be contacting me. It was amazing! She was dead on in the tarot card reading! ~ B.T.

Rae was an integral part of my spiritual awakening and subsequent journey. Her skill is made up of formal training and natural ability, and her intuition is uncanny. Rae is a true healer. ~ Charis Melina Brown.

First of all Rae is all that you said, and more. She's amazing, a real gift, and i'm so greatful for her reading and subsequent confermation/help. Greater clarity waqs provided, and i'm so thankful. Please pass this message on to her with a big hug. ~ Marita

Rae Moonwind Reynolds is a dear friend and excellent psychic.  Every reading she has given me was right on target and extremely helpful. ~ Betty Harbison

Hi, my name is Jenni. I moved to Florida 4 years ago.  I met Rae a few months ago.  We were introduced to each other through mutual friends.  When I had my first reading with Rae she helped me to realize why I was so home sick and not acclimating to my new home.  Her gentle and loving words guided me to understand what part of me I left behind and with that knowledge I have been able to recapture that part of myself and adjust much quicker.  I wish I had met her years ago.  I am so grateful for the accurateness of her reading but most of all the new friendshp I was so desperately needing.  She truly is a blessed spiriti and I am honored to call her my friends as well as a superb spiritual advisor. 

Rae! I have observed you in a number of events we were both involved in during the last 12 months and have appreciated the respect and enthusiasm you demonstrate when working with your clients.  Having worked with and sharing readings with a number of readers with psychic/mediumship and holistic health abilities (gifts) I find you are outstanding! Persons I have referred to you are very pleased with their readings from you and also the special classes you have taught! I aslo have been very pleased with the info and accuracy of the readings you have given me.  You are a very gifted person in both the holistic health and parapsychology. I have attended several of your classes wichich always are well received and always enjoy watching you as you interact with your spiriti guides. ~ Sincerely, Numerology Joe Fullington, Practicing Numerologist of 38 years

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