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Rev. Rae Moonwind

Rev. Rae Moonwind is a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healer,  Reiki-Master Teacher, and a certified Life Coach/Past Life Regression Therapist.  She channels the Ascended Masters and Arch Angels as a collective. Rae considers herself an angel advocate.  She will assist you in learning to work with your guides to increase your health, prosperity, and happiness. Rae’s desire is to empower people to discover their own ability to heal themselves through angelic assistance. 



Rev. Rae Moonwind has a BA in Elementary Education, an MA in Exceptional Student Education, an MA in English Speakers of Other Languages, and is a Reiki Master Teacher. Rae has personally developed, and teaches classes and work shops on our enlightened children, the Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, and Starseeds. She has also developed a series of workshops on the Ascended Masters and Arch Angels, as well as workshops on prosperity, love, and developing appropriate coping skills for our Ascension process. She received her training in Ascended Mastery work from Alberta McCreery of Farm Home Light Center in Illinois. Rae worked as a psychic medium and spiritual counselor in Cassadaga, Florida, a Spiritualist community, for five years. Most recently, Rae has completed her certification in Life Coaching and Past Life Regression. 


Rae considers herself an angel advocate, as she channels the Masters as a collective, sharing their messages with those who attend her Reiki circles and angel workshops, as well as with the clients who come to her for healings and readings. Rae is willing to do healing sessions or readings with adults, children, and with animals. Her main interests as a healer are supporting and empowering women and helping all people to develop appropriate coping skills so that they can be successful in every area of their lives.


"People often ask me how a psychic works. I tell them that every psychic or healer you see will do things differently. The way it works for me is pretty easy. I hear my guides. All the time. Non-stop. Yes, it is an invasion of my privacy! So when I do a reading for you, I call in your guides, my guides, and the Ascended Masters/Arch Angel group, because they are connected with everyone, and they give me the answers to your questions and any other information you need. Healing sessions work pretty much the same way, though I gather information with my hands, by feeling what is going on inside of you. It is like a CT scan image appears in my head while I am working on a client, showing me where the distressed areas are in the body of the client." ~ Rae :)


As a survivor of domestic violence, Rae has personal experience with abuse. The process of healing from trauma has facilitated her spiritual growth and development.  Cults, narcissists, and sociopaths do have an ideal target. Rae hopes that in sharing her story she can help other women identify their circumstances, find a way out, and heal themselves as well as their children. LIfe does go on after leaving an impossible situation. It is possible to not only survive, but to thrive. 





My enery/healing work is intended to complement - not substitute or replace - your total healing program. This work is an important addition to both holistic and traditional medical treatment programs. Use this information in conjunction with the advice of you physician or healthcare practitioner. Though you can gain valuable insight, intuitive readings are not intended to diagnose medical issues or to replace traditional counseling. 


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